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Brewvolution! 2018: #2 - The 4 Bridges & A Ferry Ride

The 4 Bridges* & A Ferry Ride is 41 miles long, with a few hills coming back from Bircus in Ludlow KY. The ride will start at Braxton Labs, and include the Moerlein Lager House, 13 Below, Bircus, Wooden Cask, Rhinegeist, and Darkness.

*If the Roebling Suspension Bridge is still closed, we will lose a Bridge and adjust the ride…

We have organized a series of four bicycle rides, on the four Saturdays in May (Bike Month!), to celebrate our bikes and our beer. We will visit 29 different locally-owned craft breweries in the Greater Cincinnati area. The rides vary in length from 32 to 50 miles - totaling about 155 miles, overall. Each ride will originate, and terminate, at the same brewery, at 11:00 a.m., except for Ride #4, which will have an option of starting at 10:00 a.m. The rides are for adults over 21, and they are free. Riders will pay for their own food and drink, including generously tipping their servers!